Tip for unpleasant odour

If you have an unpleasant odour (smoke etc..) it may be greatly reduced or eliminated by steaming. Simply hang your garment in the bathroom while showering, and let it hang in the misty air. This trick will also get rid of mild creasing, and help the fibres to maintain their elasticity.


Jackets, can be freshened up, by using a hair dryer set to cool/warm under the arms on the inside, while still on the hanger. It helps your dry cleaner to know what has caused a mark on the fabric, if it is more than just usual wear. Informing your cleaner will enable them to treat a mark carefully with appropriate solvents. By having your jacket and pants cleaned at the same time, you will ensure that any wear that occurs in cleaning is uniform, and reduce the risk of the pants wearing faster than the jacket.

Useful Information For Long Life Garments

Any cleaning will reduce the life of a garment, so we recommend that after wearing your suit, you give it a light brush to remove the dust from the day, and air it on the hanger overnight before putting it away. By doing so, you can reduce the number of times it must be professionally cleaned, and extend its life.

Bespoke Tailors And Suits In Srilanka

Bespoke is an item of clothing made to a client’s exact specifications and tailored to fit like a glove. HERCULES offer our clients the option of having a fully tailored suit unique to their own body dimensions and personal style. Using our client’s specific measurements as a base, the HERCULES team with consult on every detail of the suit from the overall look, to the fabric, lining, lapel style, pockets – everything down to the last button.